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Double reflection?

As tomorrow is Friday, (I like to get out of the building [and into “weekend-mode”] as soon as possible on Fridays, but who doesn’t?) I am going to combine today and tomorrow’s reflection, if that is okay with you all…! Today: I revisited my booklet that I began modeling yesterday. I fixed a sentence and […]

Wonderful Wednesday, a reflection

Today they kids were excited for writing.  They feel like its a time they get to share their lives (some much more “elaborately” than others) with their classmates and with me.  After they shared their stories I modeled one of the stories with a blank booklet (I made the blank booklet out of four pieces […]

A reflective Tuesday afternoon…

Typically, my favorite part of the school day is spending time with my guided reading groups.  At this point in the year we are getting started in our word banks and the kids are beginning to grasp their concept of word.  All of this is so exciting to me especially with this group of kinders as they […]

My Writing Workshop — Now Under Construction :)

My (current/old/ready for change) Classroom Writing Program I am very excited about this class for many reasons.  I like writing.  I have always felt comfortable writing and using language to create something great.  However, last year as a new teacher, especially new to kindergarten (I taught fourth grade as a student teacher) I was slightly […]

STORYTELLING…Who would have thought?

My Small Moment Story               BEACH BOUND! This summer my whole family went to the beach together.  It was so special to me because it is very rare to have our whole family in one place together.  My oldest brother, Gib has just started his third year in Law School ALL THE WAY in […]

DED…I did it!

WOOHOO I created a new page for my Double Entry Diary entries.  I am finally getting used to maneuvering around this blog! To read my DED please click the link to its page at the top right.  Happy Saturday, friends!

Hello world!

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