My Writing Workshop — Now Under Construction :)

My (current/old/ready for change) Classroom Writing Program

I am very excited about this class for many reasons.  I like writing.  I have always felt comfortable writing and using language to create something great.  However, last year as a new teacher, especially new to kindergarten (I taught fourth grade as a student teacher) I was slightly lost when it came to my writing instruction.  Luckily, I had a lot of support from other kindergarten teachers, my mom (a first grade teacher), and credible literature I used as research.  I feel as though I created a writing workshop that worked for my kids, but I look forward to tailoring that workshop to really meet the needs of my kids especially as readers and writers.

My main focus last year was to emphasize prewriting, drafting, publishing, and sharing.  The students loved watching me model my stories and ideas, and sharing their own.  They worked hard on their writing samples and always had the opportunity to share their pieces with their friends.

I tried to limit prompts to ensure that students were writing about what they WANTED to write about.  I would read books to help stimulate what they may want to write about.  For example, “the character in this story was SO SILLY!  I remember a time that I was so silly, let me tell you about it…” Then, I would draw my picture and write about the time I was silly like the character in the book had been.  The students seemed to respond to this method pretty well.

Overall, I know that my writing workshop has lots of room for improvements and I am very receptive of change.  I am looking forward to becoming a better facilitator of writing and watching my students become better writers through this process!


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