STORYTELLING…Who would have thought?

My Small Moment Story


            BEACH BOUND! This summer my whole family went to the beach together.  It was so special to me because it is very rare to have our whole family in one place together.  My oldest brother, Gib has just started his third year in Law School ALL THE WAY in Arizona.  My other older brother Wes and my dad are always very busy working, and my mom and I are often busy teaching kindergarteners and first graders.  We were all excited to have a whole week on the beach together, soaking up the sun and playing in the waves.  However, the first day we arrived it was pouring down rain! 

BUMMER!  We were all upset about the situation.  No one wants to spend four hours of excitement traveling down to the beach only to reach a rainy gray day.  It was inevitable; we were going to have to spend the day inside.  My mom wanted to cheer us all up and suggested that we play a game of charades.  Charades is a game where you act out a movie, book, or TV show, and your teammate has to guess what you are trying to represent.  At first, we thought she was silly, and no one was in the mood to play games, but we were raised to always listen to mom.

Let the games begin!  We played a few rounds of charades, each game getting a little more competitive but a lot more fun.  Time flew by and we ended up playing for TWO AND A HALF HOURS!  I will never forget the time that my family and I made the best of a rainy day at the beach by playing a silly game of charades.  I guess it’s true when they say, “mother knows best!”


My students loved listening to my story! It is early in the year in kindergarten — we have good days and we have bad days.  Let’s just say the day I told my story started off as a pretty bad day!  The kids did not want to do a whole lot of work, I was having a hard time keeping them focused during carpet time, etc.  However, when I explained to them that I was going to tell them a story during writing time, they looked confused.  They had no idea it was writing time by the time I was half way trough the story!  They were captivated by the event I was sharing.  I went into extreme detail, acted out some of or charades skits, and really created a mental image in their brains.  They LOVED it!  It was fun for me sharing that small moment with them, and I think it made them feel more comfortable sharing small moments with everyone as well.  I am looking forward to sharing more stories with them and listening to their stories as well.  It is very evident that this will get their “creative juices” working and their pencils moving.  VERY EXCITING! 🙂


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