A reflective Tuesday afternoon…

Typically, my favorite part of the school day is spending time with my guided reading groups.  At this point in the year we are getting started in our word banks and the kids are beginning to grasp their concept of word.  All of this is so exciting to me especially with this group of kinders as they are getting the hang of everything so quickly.  With that being said, WE HAD A BLAST DURING OUR WRITING BLOCK TODAY! I enjoyed this time even more than our literacy block.  I wanted to give them another “storytelling” lesson today as I felt they needed another day with this.  After reading a personal narrative I explained the author’s job — then I explained how I could also be an author if I wanted to be and that they could be an author as well.  Next, I told them my story — (totally different than the one we had previously read).  I explained to them how I was walking last night with my two golden retrievers in my neighborhood when a pitbull who was “walking” his owner pulled out of his collar and charged toward Gabby and Chance (my dogs).  Next thing I knew, the pitbull was in the middle of a busy Winston-Salem road.  (Long story short:) All of the dogs were fine and the pitbull’s owner regained control over her pooch.  After expressively telling my story, I drew a picture of the road lined with trees and houses and the sidewalk with me walking Gabby and Chance and the Pitbull charging after us.  I couldn’t believe it, the kids loved my silly picture.  They even referred to me as an artist!  This motivated them to create a detailed picture of their stories.  After a few kids came to the front and shared their stories, they returned to their seats to work.  I played the Singing Horse Quartet as a transitional song and they absolutely adored it!  While they worked I walked around and marveled their stories.  Unfortunately we ran out of time in our writing block, but later this afternoon they had the opportunity to share their stories with their classmates.  Tomorrow I will begin the following sequence:

1.    Teacher reads aloud story and students interact with story.
2.    Teacher asks several students to come up front and tell their stories to the class.
3.    Teacher models placement of stories and how they might sound/look as a book (Model with a blank booklet). Again, model asking questions about the students’ stories.

NOTE: You may wish to model how to write the title of a student’s story, draw a picture about the story, and then write a sentence about it. If you choose to do this, have paper ready to hand to students. Invite them to draw and write their own stories.


I am looking forward to making a booklet tomorrow and plan on allowing them to create one the following day.  I am thinking the booklets will take our writer’s block for Thursday and Friday — We shall see.

I am already planning our celebration for Tuesday — I cannot wait to give them their sketchbooks, they will adore them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!



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