Wonderful Wednesday, a reflection

Today they kids were excited for writing.  They feel like its a time they get to share their lives (some much more “elaborately” than others) with their classmates and with me.  After they shared their stories I modeled one of the stories with a blank booklet (I made the blank booklet out of four pieces of really big white construction paper — stapled at the ‘spine’).  I used one of my student’s stories about eating pizza during a fun day at Chucky Cheese’s.  The students were able to “coach” me through my drawings and the details I needed to add.  I wrote a sentence and a title on the first page but only drew pictures on the following page — I thought this is what they would be capable of.

My plans for tomorrow are to go back and add details and color to my pictures and possibly add some “meat” to my sentence and/or title.  I hope this shows them that it’s okay to mess up or to go back and make your writing/pictures a little better. 

After discussing stories…if we have time tomorrow I will give them their blank booklets (two pieces of copy paper, folded “hamburger-style” and staped at the “spine”) and let them begin drawing and writing their own stories. 

On Friday we will continue working on our booklets and hopefully finish them.  There will definitely be time for them to share their booklets with the class. 

I think these are going to turn out great and I can’t wait to see them!

PS I bought some really cute (primary color) polka dot wrapping paper at WalMart last night to wrap my sketchbooks in…if anyone is interested!

I better start wrapping my 20 surprises for my 20 kinders, ASAP!




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