Double reflection?

As tomorrow is Friday, (I like to get out of the building [and into “weekend-mode”] as soon as possible on Fridays, but who doesn’t?) I am going to combine today and tomorrow’s reflection, if that is okay with you all…!


I revisited my booklet that I began modeling yesterday. I fixed a sentence and added color and detail to my pictures. The students were actively involved in my “editing,” and were very vocal toward my “problem areas” :-). After my model was perfected (or was as good as it could get, I should say), I presented the students’ booklets to them. They were so excited to create books or to put their stories into this format. They worked very hard and when we ran out of time I had to PRY their booklets away from them!


The students will have the opportunity to “perfect” their booklets just as I did mine. They will also add to their books in the areas they did not reach yesterday. After everyone is complete, they will each get to share their booklets with their classmates on the carpet. I can’t wait!

I’m leaning toward ice cream cups for our celebration on Tuesday–I feel as though that will eliminate the scooping, the bowls, the (jealous) portioning, etc. I’m also thinking I will let the kids eat the ice cream and get cleaned up prior to unwrapping their sketchbooks. A sticky sketchbook is not nearly as cool as a fresh, clean, new one, right? 😉

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a lovely LONG WEEKEND! wooohoooooo!!!! 🙂

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