Monthly Archives: September 2012

One LEA down

Today we completed day three of Dr. Morris’ LEA sequence. The kids did a great job reading the LEA, and I was able to listen to each kid read it from their notebooks. I walked around the room while they Were illustrating their LEA’s I’m their notebook to hear my kiddos read. Some of them […]

We are halfway there!

Happy hump day, friends! We are over halfway to the weekend!!

Fix those faces and bodies! (a mini lesson) + Our first LEA

Reflecting in class yesterday really got my “wheels turning.” My kiddos have been slacking off with their drawings!! SO…today I conducted a mini-lesson on revisiting what we had learned about drawing faces and oval people (bodies). I didn’t want to “call any kinders out” (by referring to their drawing and writing notebooks), so I modeled […]

Happy Friday!

I have attached some pictures of my kiddos’ work from today…They have done so well with sounding out words. They are not worried (at all) about the spelling and are perfectly content with just writing what they hear. Prior to writing we talked about saying words slowly and stretching the sounds and blending them together. […]

Tomorrow’s Friday!!

Today I had a limited time for writing (as I had my kindergarten data meeting at 1:00). However, I wanted to get my kiddos interacting with their drawing and writing notebooks in some way today. I quickly talked to them about “going beyond safe drawings.” We brainstormed some things that are very hard to draw […]


Almost forgot to reflect! This reflection will generate from my phone — so it will not will NOT be elaborate! I wanted to update the pictures of my kiddos work. I can’t believe how some of them are already writing words without having been told to do so. It amazes me how they are pacing […]


Is it really only Tuesday? I am without my assistant this week and it really makes me realize how thankful I am for her! Luckily I have some wonderful volunteers to help me out this week, but we all know kindergarteners are NOT receptive to any sort of change. Anyway, writing has been wonderful. Each […]