Celebration Reflection

Our celebration went great today! The kids and I had so much fun!

We have our writing block scheduled right after our specials, so while the kids were in the Media Center, I had the opportunity to prepare for our celebration.

I decided on cookies and juice boxes, but I think I could have given these kiddos broccoli and carrots and they would have been just as happy. They were so thankful and excited for everything!

After passing out their cookies and juice, my assistant and I began hand-printing (while the kids were eating and talking about writing workshop). For our sketchbook covers, we let the kids choose the color of construction paper that they wanted and the color of paint that they wanted (EVERYONE chose ALL colors:). At the top we glued a slip of paper that says “Check out my ‘HANDy’ work!” Under the phrase they stamped their hand print and under their hand print we wrote their names. The kids LOVE being crafty and I thought this would be a great way for them to make their sketchbooks unique. We are going to laminate the students’ covers and hot glue them to the front of their sketchbooks (packing tape may be necessary for our more “curious” students).

After we finished snacking, hand-printing, etc, I called the students to the carpet. I showed them one of the wrapped sketchbooks and explained that what was wrapped inside would be very important to our writing workshop and that we were going to become true authors with this secret gift. When I went behind my desk to retrieve the rest of the wrapped sketchbooks my kids were blown away. They found it so hard to believe that I had not only gotten them each a present but that they each got to unwrap their presents AT SCHOOL! They were so excited! We all unwrapped at the same time and they were all thrilled and overly thankful for their gifts. I explained that we would be putting the covers they had previously made on the front of their sketchbooks and that we would be using them every day. After talking a little more about our sketchbooks I explained that we would be doing one more thing to celebrate our Writing Workshop.

After collecting the sketchbooks, I gave each of the kids a small bottle of bubbles. We took them out in the courtyard and blew tons of bubbles! The kids truly felt like they were celebrating and I really felt as though this has been a wonderful motivator for my kindergarten authors!

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