Introducing the Drawing and Writing Book

Today I facilitated Part 1 or the drawing and writing book intro. I tried to convey purpose for the books that were given to them as presents yesterday. First, we reflected on our stories we’ve been telling for the last week, and I told them a new story. I made the story very drawn out and elaborate, but then asked them what the most important part of my story was. I explained that I could not possibly communicate a huge event on just one page of my sketchbook — We broke down my event to find the most important part that I could illustrate. The students and I discussed what could be drawn, where details could be added, and how I should position my sketchbook for my drawing (landscape/portrait). After some planning and discussion I grabbed a pencil and began sketching. The students were very impressed with my picture, and I allowed them to give me ideas and suggestions. I purposely messed up a few time and went back to erase — to model mistakes and how to fix them WITH PENCIL! After I got my sketch done (in pencil only), I said, “UH OH, I have run out of time!” I explained that even though I am nowhere near completing my picture, I will be able to revisit it tomorrow and add color, detail, etc. At this time, I explained the purpose of the Bind-it Flat Clips. Next, we discussed what they might want to draw on the first page of the drawing and writing book — Several students came up to tell their story (some needed to be narrowed, which we did). I also let them point on a blank page in my sketchbook where they might draw their pictures and add details. Tomorrow we will complete part 2 — Procedures for using the drawing and writing book!

Can you guys believe it is already Wednesday??? I’m liking this four-day week! 🙂


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