Thursday/Friday Reflection

Warning: this post is originating (at home) from my iPad as opposed to my computer (at school). My fingers don’t move as quickly on this gadget, so this post will be slightly less elaborate!

Today we got started telling stories in our sketchbooks (also known and referred to as drawing and writing notebooks). Before the students retrieved their sketchbooks and began working, we revisited my work from yesterday. We talked about what I could do to make sure my “readers” could convey my work. After some editing and perfecting, the students were ready to begin their own personal pieces. We talked about the stories/small moments that were brought up in discussion yesterday and how they could be illustrated. Next we talked about planning and working quietly, then the kids were “let loose” with their creativity. They were so excited to finally work in their drawing and writing notebooks…they were too cute! After about 25 minutes, I asked them to clean up their materials and come to the carpet. I explained how it is just fine if they didn’t finish as I am still not finished with my work that I began yesterday.

tomorrow….(yes, I’m “pre-reflecting” AGAIN, please, forgive me)!

Tomorrow we will revisit our work…just as they saw me do today. I will use some of the kids’ notebooks to reference “where” pieces are (currently), and what we can do to make them even better. I will also revise my first piece once again to make it more detailed, realistic and understandable. The students will be encouraged to insert and/or change information, pictures and details to allow readers to gain a deeper understanding of their stories.

While my little authors are working, I plan on walking around to conference, ask questions, and guide the kiddos in the right direction. I think most of the students will finish this piece tomorrow, so on Monday most of us will be moving on to the next page in our writing and drawing notebook!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

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