Is it really only Tuesday? I am without my assistant this week and it really makes me realize how thankful I am for her! Luckily I have some wonderful volunteers to help me out this week, but we all know kindergarteners are NOT receptive to any sort of change. Anyway, writing has been wonderful. Each day I am teaching “mini-lessons” on drawing. Yesterday we practiced drawing people in action, and today we practiced drawing people from the back. The children are continuing to work on stories during their writing time. They are doing a great job using oval people and are becoming to feel more comfortable using this technique to create their characters. They are having no trouble generating stories they want to tell and are ALL very EAGER to share their stories. Several of the (at least half a dozen or so) have begun writing words and letters on their pictures. I didn’t want to discourage this if they felt they were ready, but I also didn’t want to push them in this direction either as we have not yet had our first lesson on writing words. I kind of let them do what they wanted as far as words and sounding out were concerned. The students who WERE adding words had mostly beginning and ending consonants and a couple had a few vowels somewhere in between…I was impressed! One of the little girls in my class REALLY surprised me with her phonemic awareness. She is in one of my middle reading groups and is developing her reading skills (concept of word, etc) much slower than some of her peers. However, she was sounding out words today for her writing and was identifying beginning and ending sounds in words quite accurately. This was very surprising to me and allowed me to reflect on her difficulties in reading. Maybe she is just being lazy in reading with her pointing? I am going to keep an eye on this, and I am thankful for this reading and writing correlation I experienced today because it allowed me to learn something new about one of my students. I have seen some really cute stories the last two days. I will take some pictures to post tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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