Tomorrow’s Friday!!

Today I had a limited time for writing (as I had my kindergarten data meeting at 1:00). However, I wanted to get my kiddos interacting with their drawing and writing notebooks in some way today. I quickly talked to them about “going beyond safe drawings.” We brainstormed some things that are very hard to draw (dogs sitting, cars, couches, trampolines, cats, peoples’ features, clothes, playgrounds, etc…the kids came up with so many things that they have been struggling with)…we then talked about how lots of things are difficult to draw… details, settings, and characters in our stories. We compared ourselves to the authors in the read-alouds in that they weren’t “scared” to draw pictures to illustrate their stories. We talked about being brave and growing as authors AND illustrators. Finally they had about 10 minutes to work on their stories they are currently working on in their drawing and writing notebooks. Tomorrow we will “officially” begin our first writing words lesson, “listening for sounds in words,” I am so excited!
Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 🙂


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