Happy Friday!








I have attached some pictures of my kiddos’ work from today…They have done so well with sounding out words. They are not worried (at all) about the spelling and are perfectly content with just writing what they hear. Prior to writing we talked about saying words slowly and stretching the sounds and blending them together. Together, we used this strategy to add words to the picture I had been working on. I was focusing (mainly, initially) on beginning sounds but so many of them were hearing ending sounds, I decided to add those, too. The kids really worked hard during writing time with sounding out words slowly, listening for letter sounds, and writing the letters for the sounds they heard. As I walked around the kids were (naturally, without being told to..) pointing to their (inventive) words and seemed even more proud of what that had produced (as opposed to their previous work)! I am very proud of my babies and look forward to seeing all of their growth throughout the year.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Just realized some of those are upside down…oops! So sorry!

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