Fix those faces and bodies! (a mini lesson) + Our first LEA

Reflecting in class yesterday really got my “wheels turning.” My kiddos have been slacking off with their drawings!! SO…today I conducted a mini-lesson on revisiting what we had learned about drawing faces and oval people (bodies). I didn’t want to “call any kinders out” (by referring to their drawing and writing notebooks), so I modeled (on the smartboard) some of the things I have been seeing. I drew faces without noses, eyes drawn as circles (as opposed to footballs), I drew stick people (yes, one of my girls drew a stick person yesterday…sad day), I drew feet bigger than legs, a person with 26 ovals instead of 14, etc. The kids were practically in tears laughing over my drawings. After we giggled for a little, I asked the kids if what I had modeled for them is how I had taught them to draw people. Of course, the kiddos knew that that is NOT how they had been taught to draw people and faces. We had a discussion about how writing is not in a race, and that the more time you take, the better your story will turn out (generally speaking). I had one student raise his hand and said, “I didn’t draw my faces ‘good’ because I wanted to hurry up on my picture so I could write my words.” I was speechless…too cute. I told him that he didn’t need to rush and if he wanted to sketch his picture first, write his words, then go back and add color and detail that would be okay, but just NOT to rush. (I hope this was good advice! :-X). After we talked a little bit I went back to my smartboard pages where I had drawn my ridiculous drawings. Next to each drawing I corrected the “silly” picture so it would reflect our drawing lessons. I was happy with this minilesson because during their writing time today, they were much more careful with their drawings. Some of them even went back to their old(ish) drawings and added faces and fixed mistakes.

This afternoon I had some extra time after science so I decided I would try out an LEA. I didn’t have time to create or design an “experience,” so the kids and I reflected. We talked about some of the memorable things we have done over the past couple of months in kindergarten. A lot of them kept coming back to the Writing Workshop Celebration we had! So I asked if it would be “okay” if TOGETHER we could write about the Writing Workshop Celebration. Of course the kids were excited to share their memories of this celebration. We came up with the following:

We ate the cookies.

We unwrapped the drawing notebooks.

We blew the bubbles.

As I recorded the words on my chart paper, the kids helped me sound out words and helped me with knowing which word needed to come next. After I wrote the story, we choral read it several times. The kids really wanted to read it themselves (as we read our morning message), and we had some extra time, so I allowed a few volunteers to come up to finger point and read the LEA.

Tomorrow I will type the LEA on the smartboard in front of them. I will then ask them the questions suggested by Dr. Morris in Every Child Reading.

This afternoon I have begun creating their Dictated Experience Stories Notebooks (see picture). On Thursday I plan on having a “slip” of paper with the LEA printed on it for each of them to glue to the bottom of their first page in their notebook. They will then have the opportunity to illustrate our LEA on the top portion on the notebook page.

I am excited about this process. Friday we have Apple Day. On Monday we will begin our LEA process on Apple Day and I plan on making a class book with those LEAs.

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!!!



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