One LEA down





Today we completed day three of Dr. Morris’ LEA sequence. The kids did a great job reading the LEA, and I was able to listen to each kid read it from their notebooks. I walked around the room while they Were illustrating their LEA’s I’m their notebook to hear my kiddos read. Some of them found this task quite easy while others needed more guidance. It really showed me a lot about my kids as readers. I loved facilitating shared writing and plan on completing at least one of these sequences each week with my kinders. Tomorrow we have Apple Day, so we will begin our LEA sequence Monday reflecting on that experience. Working the LEA into my science/social studies block hasn’t been an issue. My I/E time is right before my Sci/SS block, so I’ve borrowed a little time from that, as well.

As for writing workshop…
I added pictures yesterday from our LEA time, but them forgot to reflect. The kids have continued to work hard perfecting their drawings and are remembering the important details. Today a modeled a new story about my brother and me. The kids helped me with the spelling and continued to impress me with their phonemic awareness. I did, however stick to beginning sounds as a model for those not ready for further sounds.

I hope everyone has a great Friday. Time for me to rest up for Apple Day!

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