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Long time no “blog…” I’ve been MISSING IN ACTION…Literally! I will be thrilled when October is over. It has been a crazy month! Anyway, writing workshop and LEA’s have been going great. We started a new LEA today based on Friday night’s Fall Festival at East Bend School. All of my kiddos showed up with […]


Tomorrow is Friday!

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone had a productive early release day! I am so happy tomorrow is FRIDAY! Yesterday we completed our Taradiddle LEA and continued working on elaboration in writing workshop – completely forgot to reflect yesterday afternoon, I had a hair appointment to get to! Today we began a new poem and read […]

Lovely weather

Writing Workshop Today I did a minilesson using other students’ work as a “model.” I chose three kids’ writing samples that were incomplete. We talked about what their next steps were in completing their stories and what else they could add. We also went into adding more words to our sentences or simply adding more […]


Happy Monday! We made it through another Monday…cheers! I was so proud of my 21 little stinkers today. I was so nervous they were going to come back after the long weekend bouncing off the walls. Much to my surprise, they all came in ready to work today – with the quarter changing my assistant […]

Busy week!

It has been a very busy week! I feel like I am consistent with my excused – Sorry! Tuesday and Wednesday I had my parent/teacher conferences. Boy, am I happy to have those over with! I am excited for tomorrow as I have decided to take the day off for a little R&R. I have […]

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday I had my first observation for the year yesterday conducted by my principal. When she asked me (earlier in the week) which subject I would like for her to observe, I told her I would like for her to observe my writing. WOW! Last year writing would have been the LAST subject I would […]