Hi friends! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; it completely slipped my mind…hey, what doesn’t on Mondays, though.



Yesterday I began a modeled a new story in my drawing and writing notebook for my kiddos. Last week I wrote (modeled, shared) a couple stories about the fun times my oldest brother, Gib and I have had. They think he’s funny because he’s so tall (in my drawings), especially compared to me as he is 6 feet 2 inches tall while I stand at 5 feet two inches short. On Friday I told them that I was SO EXCITED for the weekend because my brother was coming to town to visit for his fall break (he currently lives in Arizona where he is enrolled in law school). On Monday (yesterday) the kids were so excited to hear about what Gib and I had been up to. I told them about the fun things that we had done and told them that I definitely wanted to write about it today. When it was time for writing workshop I showed them my notebook page and asked if it were possible for me to illustrate/write about EVERYTHING we had done over the weekend…of course, they knew I could not. I picked my favorite part of the weekend, when my mom, dad, Gib, Wes, (my other older brother) and I built a bonfire. I even took pictures of the bonfire we built on Sunday so I could show the kids. They thought it was awesome! I only had “time” to sketch my picture but that showed the kids that it’s okay that I was unable to finish. Of course, they had time to revisit or begin new stories in their drawing and writing notebooks.


Today I revisited my illustration I began yesterday of the bonfire my family and I built on Sunday. I added colors and details first. I have to say, I think this may have been my best drawing yet. Even my kiddos were impressed…I took this opportunity to reflect on my older drawings to show the kids how I had improved. We briefly discussed the concept of “practice makes perfect.” After the drawing was completed, my kids helped me dictate a sentence. We came up with “Mom, Dad, Wes, Gib and I are having a bonfire.” They got “Mom, Dad, and, are” from the word wall for me to write on my paper. They are really beginning to utilize that and are relying on their sight vocabulary to recognize the words they are looking for. For Gib and Wes’ names we just wrote “G” and “W.” I mistakenly asked one of my higher students to help me spell “having,” he gave me “havg.” I didn’t want to confuse them, so I used this spelling as opposed to just beginning sounds for this word. Together we sounded out bonfire and came up with “bonfr.” Their writing is continuing to get better. I am very happy with the work they are producing.



As a mentioned last week, we had Apple Day on Friday….somewhat chaotic, but loads of fun! Yesterday we reflected on the events from Apple Day and dictated our new LEA.


Apple Day

We ate apples.

We went to apple centers.

We met Johnny Appleseed.

We had fun!

Today we put the dictated story on the smartboard and located words within. The kids really enjoy these LEA’s and knew exactly what I was expecting from them today. Tomorrow we will complete this LEA sequence and we will begin a new one on Thursday.


I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday.



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