Wednesday and Thursday

I had my first observation for the year yesterday conducted by my principal. When she asked me (earlier in the week) which subject I would like for her to observe, I told her I would like for her to observe my writing. WOW! Last year writing would have been the LAST subject I would have wanted to be observed teaching. Luckily, I feel much more comfortable and confident as a writing teacher this year! My principal observed my a minilesson of reviewing students’ peers’ writing. We looked at what was good and also looked at what needed improvement. After reviewing three writing samples, the students went to work in their drawing and writing notebooks. My principal observed me briefly conference with each student. As I walked around the room I simply asked the kiddos to tell me what their story is about, read to me what they had written, tell me who the characters are, tell me where they are (setting), etc. After I briefly conferenced with the kids, they all came to the carpet for some sharing. I felt as though the observation went well and my principal was very impressed with the work the students were producing. I felt really good about it.

Today we read the book Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White. Before reading the book the kiddos and I just looked at the pictures (picture walk). By just looking at the pictures we were able to figure out the whole story. We had discussion about how awesome illustrators produce pictures so detailed and interesting that the reader doesn’t even have to read the words to understand the story. I asked them to remember that during their drawings. We then read the book (ONE OF MY FAVORITES!) and looked one more time at the pictures and how the characters look as though they had originated from oval people. Then, the kiddos were off to work. We ended the lesson with some sharing and predicting (based on drawing). For those who shared their work, I covered their words and let their friends guess what their drawing was about. The author then read their words they had written revealing whether or not our predictions were accurate.

I feel as though we have had a successful week in writing thus far and I am looking forward to FRIDAY! J

By the way, we finished the sequence on our second LEA about Apple Day and created page two in our LEA notebooks. I love these notebooks so much I decided to make another set for our poems. The kiddos glued a poem and illustrated it in their brand new Poetry Notebooks today. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Happy Thursday/Almost Friday!




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