Busy week!

It has been a very busy week! I feel like I am consistent with my excused – Sorry! Tuesday and Wednesday I had my parent/teacher conferences. Boy, am I happy to have those over with! I am excited for tomorrow as I have decided to take the day off for a little R&R. I have lots to fill you all in on:
This week we have been busy with writing workshop each day which has been standard with modeling minilessons and I have also been using some mentor texts. On Tuesday I provided a block of time for my students to complete the On Demand Writing Prompt to end our personal narratives unit. They really didn’t need the whole hour to write. A lot of them were done within 30 minutes or so. I did however allow that time for those who needed it. I was really impressed with the work that the kiddos produced, but I will elaborate more on that in my Personal Narrative Reflection.
We went to the fire station for our fire safety presentation yesterday afternoon. The kids loved it! They were so intrigued by the firemen and their jobs. As soon as we got back (even though we only had 20 minutes prior to dismissal) we went ahead and wrote our Dictated Experience Story for this experience. I wanted the event to be fresh in their brains! We were able to create the following LEA:

We learned about the fire engine.
We learned about the firefighters’ gear.
We learned about fire safety.
We climbed down the ladder from the firehouse.

Those four events were the most important ones to my kiddos so those are the events that created our LEA!
Tomorrow being a teacher workday we had to “fast-track” our LEA sequence. I really wanted to complete this LEA this week while the event is still fresh in their little noggins (as opposed to Monday). This morning we reread the LEA and then put it up on the smartboard to read again. We located words that were repetitive through our text (we, about, the, fire, etc). Specific volunteers were called to the smartboard to locate and highlight these words (ie: underline the words about with the green pen, put a blue rectangle around the word we..etc). Finally we went ahead and completed the third day’s sequence in our LEA process this afternoon. The kiddos were given a small slip of paper with the LEA printed on it and a piece of copy paper. They glued the LEA to their copy paper, read it to me (pointing to the first letter of each word), and then illustrated it on the top half of the paper. I allowed the kiddos to complete this LEA on a piece of copy paper (as opposed to their Dictated Stories Notebooks) because I plan on using these for our first class book. I cant wait to have it all completed, the kids are going to love it! My cute little authors!

Side note: I have also continued with my poems this week and the kids illustrated this week’s poem in their poetry notebooks this afternoon. They have been SO BUSY this week, I am very proud of them!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!





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