Happy Monday! We made it through another Monday…cheers! I was so proud of my 21 little stinkers today. I was so nervous they were going to come back after the long weekend bouncing off the walls. Much to my surprise, they all came in ready to work today – with the quarter changing my assistant and I changed their seats around, and even that didn’t throw them off! They have all come so far since August!!!
This morning we had the opportunity to attend the Taradiddle play where the actors performed Pinocchio. My kiddos LOVED it! Those actors are so entertaining! When we got back to the room we had some extra time before writing workshop so we began our new LEA on the Taradiddle performance. We came up with the following (also see picture):

We went to a play.
It was funny.
We liked Pinocchio.
The actors were AWESOME!

Because of syntax, we were unable to make the first word of each sentence the same. However, each (first) word is a very common sight word, so I felt it was okay. The kids had no trouble reading this LEA – they are becoming very comfortable with them and I really think it is benefitting each of them as readers. Tomorrow we will begin day two of the sequence by posting the LEA on the smartboard and locating high-frequency words within.
After we finished creating and reading our LEA based on Taradiddle, I modeled a new story for the kids. I told them about how my roommate, Katie and I took Gabby and Chance (our golden retrievers) to the pumpkin patch (see pictures…I HAD TO, they’re so stinking cute!). On the smartboard, I pulled up the dozens of pictures that Katie and I had taken of Gabby and Chance posing in various locations around the pumpkin patch…the kids were practically in tears as they giggled at the photos. They loved it! After I talked a little bit more about my experience with the dogs and Katie at the pumpkin patch I told them I was ready to write about it. They told me exactly what I needed to draw because they had just seen all of the photos. After I finished my sketch we had a brief conversation about pictures. I asked them if they had access to pictures of whatever story they were about to begin…of course they responded with a “no.” I let them know that that’s okay, that all they have to do is close their eyes and imagine what that time looked like and that they would then have a picture in their brain that they could refer to. I think this conversation really helped them today with their writing. As I walked around I reminded them of this “trick,” and sure enough, they would close their eyes for several seconds and then immediately their pencils were moving as they added details to their pictures.
Overall, we had a great day today!









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  1. Forgot to mention…we finalized our Fire Safety Book as well — the kids are so proud of it! (see picture)

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