Lovely weather

Writing Workshop
Today I did a minilesson using other students’ work as a “model.” I chose three kids’ writing samples that were incomplete. We talked about what their next steps were in completing their stories and what else they could add. We also went into adding more words to our sentences or simply adding more sentences so that the reader can understand a little better. I probed the kids whos writing we were reviewing by asking questions like “did you have fun” “what was the weather like” “were you cold” “who was with you” etc…Then I asked if they could add those details to their writing…they all agreed, yes. Most of the little kiddos were writing at least two sentences today and several wrote even more…they are turning into quite the little authors! A lot of them have been wanting to write BEFORE they are done with their pictures or even before they even start their pictures! This shows me that they are confident in their writing and are motivated to write words (despite perfect spelling). Whereas this makes me very happy, I still encourage them to AT LEAST get their sketch completed prior to writing words…I explain that this will get their brain focused on their stories and what their stories look like before they write what actually happened.

Today we completed day 2 of our LEA sequence on our Taradiddle play that we attended yesterday. We first reviewed the LEA on the chart paper and then they watched me put it up on the smartboard (helped me spell words, etc). I have been letting my students with struggling alphabet knowledge spell words for me at this time for extra practice…I think it’s helping. Anyway, we went through the motions: underlining, drawing circles and rectangles around sight words, rereading, etc. While we were working on this our Media Coordinator was in my room working on one of my student computers…later in the day she came up to me and was so impressed that we were doing LEA’s. She, too feels that they are very powerful. Who doesn’t love a little reinforcement?

I hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday…it’s such a pretty day, I can’t wait to get outside!!!

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