Tomorrow is Friday!

Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone had a productive early release day! I am so happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Yesterday we completed our Taradiddle LEA and continued working on elaboration in writing workshop – completely forgot to reflect yesterday afternoon, I had a hair appointment to get to!

Today we began a new poem and read a mentor text for writing workshop. We focused on a lot of the author’s conventions. I have noticed that a lot of my students have trouble writing from left to right and moving to the next line correctly. We also focused on spaces between words and upper and lowercase letters. A lot of the kids seemed to thing it was cool that they could “relate” to a real author. We talked about how we are turning into real authors just like the ones who write the stories we read each days. I love seeing them so confident!

When it was time to write in their drawing and writing notebooks my assistant and I walked around to reinforce what we had just talked about during our minilesson and to conference with the kiddos on their current writing samples.

Tomorrow we will continue with our poem and put it in our poetry notebooks!

I hope that you all have a fantastic Friday!


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