Long time no “blog…”
I’ve been MISSING IN ACTION…Literally! I will be thrilled when October is over. It has been a crazy month!
Anyway, writing workshop and LEA’s have been going great.
We started a new LEA today based on Friday night’s Fall Festival at East Bend School. All of my kiddos showed up with their families with the exception of only two families. Impressive! Because we had such a high attendance rate I decided the Fall Festival would be a wonderful thing to base an LEA on. Together, we wrote the following together…

Fall Festival
We played games.
We went in the haunted hall.
We ate yummy food.
We went in the Fun House.
We saw our friends.
We had fun.

After writing this, the kiddos had no trouble decoding and/or recognizing the words when we were choral reading. They were so excited to create this LEA because they all wanted to talk about the fun they had Friday night. Their minds were racing!

As for writing workshop…our kiddos have been writing up a storm (frankenstorm…?)! They have begun elaborating and showing so much more detail in their writing. A lot of them have been writing around three sentences lately. They are so excited with their “newfound” abilities and are so proud of the work they are producing.

At the fall festival a lot of the kids wanted to show their parents their drawing and writing notebooks as they came in my room for “blongoball” or as I call it, “ladder golf” (My room’s fall festival game). The parents who had the opportunity to see their kiddos work seemed very impressed and also very touched with the sincerity of some of their stories. Too cute!

Happy Monday, friends…We made it through yet another…




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