Opinion Preassessment

Today my kiddos completed their opinion preassessments. I was very impressed with how well they worked. They were excited to write about their favorite books and none of them had trouble deciding on their favorite. The majority of my class actually chose books (Rigby PM Collection-Platinum Edition) that they had read in our guided reading groups (these books are commonly reread by them during independent reading time).
Before I sent them off to work I told them to “Think of your favorite book. Tell your opinion (how you think or feel about something) and why you feel this way.”
I had a variety of responses. A few kids ONLY wrote the title. MOST kids made their opinion piece more like a narrative piece. Those kiddos sentences typically started with “I was reading…” However, I did have a few kiddos who “hit the nail on the head.” One student wrote, “I lic tigr tigr becus it is asum it had a tigr in it the tigr had sum strips uwn it it wus fun” (I like “Tiger, Tiger” because it is awesome it had a tiger in it the tiger had some stripes on it it was funny). This was also a book we read a few weeks ago in our guided reading groups that this student often rereads from his group’s independent reading basket. I was so impressed with how informative his opinion was: He told the audience what book he liked (“Tiger, Tiger), he described how he felt about the book (it is awesome), he described the main character (Tiger had stripes) and then CONCLUDED his opinion with saying “it was funny!” Very impressive!!
Overall I was impressed with how independently my students completed this task. I can’t wait to see their improvement with opinion pieces.
Tomorrow I will begin introducing wordless picture books.
Happy Tuesday!








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