WOW! What a busy day! We “kicked off the day” with a Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day.  I explained to my little darlings that we would be exploring a wonder of the day each day during our attendance/weather/morning message/read aloud/calendar time of the day.  A very productive way to get the morning started, as you can tell.  The kiddos really seemed interested by the Wonderopolis website.  Today’s wonder dealt with cooking and “making pasta with vegetables.”  Whereas this was an interesting wonder I may have preferred something different for their first experience with this website.  However, they thought it was SOOOO neat that someone would reply to any response or comment that we left to the website.  We checked the website back during our snacktime/break and sure enough, the Wonderopolis “gods” had responded! HOW FUN!










Above I have posted some impressive writing I noticed while conferencing today.


Obviously, I have also posted some photos of room 103’s newest additions.  This afternoon I went and purchased a hermit crab habitat (complete with Sponge Bob decor), and two precious little hermit crabs.  They have been so fun to watch and I just know my little ones will LOVE them!  Random fact:  My roommate’s golden retriever, Chance was OBSESSED with these little creatures.  He refused to do anything but watch them move around in their habitat this evening.  We own the craziest doggies!  Tomorrow I plan on hiding the hermit crabs in the second grade classroom connected to my classroom.  I will then talk about the new pets and how we will research them to learn more about how their adapt.  After their huge reveal and introductions, we will vote on names for our two new friends.

Until next time,



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