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Nonfiction obsession

My kiddos are obsessed with nonfiction books now! Today their “special” (encore) class was media center. They all came back to class showing me their nonfiction books they had checked out. How cute!? I’m so glad they are enjoying this unit as much as I am! 😄 Advertisements

Nonfiction book documents — hope this can help some of you! :-)

animal choices whales iw sea tutrles iw sharks iw non fiction book hermit crabs non fiction book blank template INTERNET WORKSHOP

Text Features

TextFeaturesMatchUp NonfictionTextFeaturesPostersFree NonfictionTextFeaturesMiniBookletandStudentAssignment NonfictionTextFeaturesFreebie NonFictionTextFeatureChecklistScavangerHunt TextFeatureMatchingCCSSELALiteracyRLCCSSELALiteracyRI TextFeatureDrawingWritingCenterCCSSELALiteracyRL While researching, I found some pretty great resources that may be helpful when teaching about text features. Enjoy 🙂