The link above will take you to my Animoto that I created about my “pretty, pretty princess, Gabby.”
It’s a bit “cheesy,” but I really enjoyed creating it! I have heard a lot about Animoto and have seen a few videos that my coworkers have created, but this was my first experience with the program.

I decided to create a “So Much Depends Upon” poem for this assignment — It was easy for me to choose my pup as the topic for this poem as she means the world to me (as spoiled rotten as she may be) :-). Alomst five years ago, I became Gabby’s owner in the fall of my second year of college. She has been the most loyal, loving companion I could ask for. This poem was easy to write…I could talk for days about MY Gabby! 🙂

SO much depends upon
my Gabby
from a tiny ECU college apartment
to a cozy Winston-Salem home
in a quiet neighborhood
lined with sidewalks designed for long walks
My loyal Gabby,
you’re a girl’s best friend.

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