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Readings for the week…

I am so excited to have the opportunity to JUST WRITE today! I really want to discuss my emotional connection with each of these books – the three of these books (Wonderstruck and Freedom Summer, especially) have opened my eyes and inspired me.  It’s amazing how much you can learn through STORIES! Wonderstruck Who couldn’t […]

Let’s Hold Hands!

iPoem Template Let’s hold hands Parent Letter_ we need materials Internet Workshop!

A phone interview with Duncan!

Please excuse my lack of sentence structure. I hate listening to myself talk! I was so nervous for some reason?!?! I had to add the audio to a powerpoint in order to have it uploaded to my blog Audio – phone interview with duncan


Connections: POETRY, ART, DREAMS, IMAGNINATION, INSPIRATION, TRIUPH, BRAVERY, WONDER, DARE TO DREAM, BELIEVE, NATURE, WANDER, DAYDREAM, OBSERVE!!!!!! The Dreamer I felt that all three of these books were quite inspiring. In The Dreamer Neftali is able to closely observes all that life has to offer. I think this is a very interesting trait, especially considering […]


Student-“Friendly” Class Powerpoint Duncan Tonatiuh_authorillustratorstudy_studentversion Adv. Studies in Children’s Lit Class Powerpoint: Duncan Tonatiuh_authorillustratorstudy Literary Critique lirary ciritique_Duncan Tonatiuh Book Review Assignment Book Review Assignment