Professional Website Reflection

My Professional Website

I was a bit lucky—I already had a professional website that I created two years ago on a system my school system supports called SchoolWorld.  I am not CRAZY about the program, but it’s generally user-friendly and I haven’t had any complaints from parents.  I decided to better my current website as it is the site that is linked to my school webpage.

I love having a professional website.  The website is a great way for me to keep in contact with parents.  I am able to post pictures, attach documents, provide links, and so much more through my website.  I have done my best to organize my site in a way that is user-friendly.  Instead of adding all pictures to the pictures page, I made subpages for each event that I took pictures at.  This way parents (and students) are able to easily revisit and save pictures they’d like to keep.  I also tried to organize my links in a way that is user-friendly.  I have links the pertain to kids and I have links that pertain to parents.  If a link required login information, then I linked it to the parent page so they would be able to set up the account(s) for the child.  I tried to be logical about it all. 

In general I believe my website is a great and easy place to access links and pictures.  HOWEVER, I believe the communication aspect needs to be a bit more “automatic.”  Whereas parents may check my site occasionally to see if I have posted new photos, they certainly aren’t checking each day for reminders or dates to remember. 

This class has inspired me to take technology and parental communication to the next level.  I love keeping up with my classmates’ ideas via Twitter.  It is so quick, easy to check, available on mobile devices, and frankly, its popular!  I can only assume that several of my students’ parents already have personal Twitter accounts that they check regularly on their mobile devices.  Why not have them follow me?  I have already created another Twitter account (@MissHobsonEBS) that I will connect with my 2013-2014 parents with.  I plan to post twit-pics, updates, reminders, tips, links, and anything else that could be beneficial to parents and students.  With the “hype” of Twitter and social media in general, I believe using this account with build a strong communication system between home and school.  I am SOOOO excited about this!


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