Staying Connected, Tweet Tweet

RE5533 (or should I say #RE5533?) has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities in the classroom. Our class discussion board conversing with classmates has allowed me to learn about experiences that other teachers have had. Talking with other teachers about their technology endeavors is a way to gather resources and ideas…What works and what doesn’t. My tech group has also been enlightening over the last two weeks as well. We discuss ideas, resources, lesson plans, activities, and so much more. We have held rich conversations via Skype that has sparked lots of interest in each one of us. Unfortunately, this class will end and so will our discussion board topics and tech group members. How will I stay connected?
I absolutely love Twitter. Creating a Twitter account RE5533 this class is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve done all summer. I have enjoyed Tweeting about literacy and technology and reading my classmates Tweets. The mico-blogging process has been a quick and easy way for us to share our findings, resources, ideas, and more using our RE5533 hashtag. In addition to following my classmates I have also followed several other technology gurus on Twitter for even more ideas. Some of my new followers have not only Retweeted some of my Tweets (to share with their personal networks), but they have also left me follow-up Tweets or responses with new ideas. I love having the ability to share and learn ideas on this micro-blog. The Twitter feed is at my fingertips on my iPhone, and I truly plan to continue staying connected to the technology and education world via Twitter.
Side note: I have also created a protected Twitter account for Miss Hobson’s Class (@MissHobsonEBS) for my students’ parents to follow. On this account I plan to post pictures, reminders, dates to remember, etc. I think this will be a great communication tool for parents to stay connected to what’s going on at school. They, too, will appreciate the simplicity and accessibly of Twitter as a micro-blog


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