Animoto & Book Trailers

After using Animoto for an assignment in another class, my digital literacy presentation, and my book trailer…I feel super comfortable with it! It is fast, user-friendly, and engaging. Images, music, captions, and transitions are so easily manipulated while creating Animoto presentations.

Most recently, I created an Animoto or book trailer for Duncan Tonatiuh’s Dear Primo: A Letter to my Cousin. I absolutely adore this book. It is about two cousins who have never met, one lives in Mexico and one lives in New York City. The two boys keep in touch by writing letters to one another. Although their lives are different, they are much more alike than opposing. They both go to school each day, they both indulge in fun activities, they both eat dinner with their families, and so on. Students need to understand that globally, human beings are much more alike than different. This is why I chose this book for my book trailer.

Can my kindergarteners create a book trailer or any other presentation on Animoto? Maybe, maybe not (I tend to not doubt their abilities – they always surprise me). But I do know we could create one in a whole-group setting on the SmartBoard, or even in small groups on iPads using the Animoto app.

There are so many ways to explore Animoto. In science and/or social studies we could create presentations to display new content or factual information using images and captions. We can increase comprehension by creating presentations on books we’ve read (or book trailers). We can even use Animoto to present math topics, such as measurement and data.

I am Animoto’s newest, biggest fan. I love it!


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