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Animoto & Book Trailers

After using Animoto for an assignment in another class, my digital literacy presentation, and my book trailer…I feel super comfortable with it! It is fast, user-friendly, and engaging. Images, music, captions, and transitions are so easily manipulated while creating Animoto presentations. Most recently, I created an Animoto or book trailer for Duncan Tonatiuh’s Dear Primo: […]

Editing and Revising in Kindergarten

After learning about editing and revising — I found myself consistently thinking back on my prior kindergarten classes. My past students haven’t had difficulty with editing, especially scaffolded editing (with a helper [my assistant, another student, myself]). If someone else notices a mistake (especially if it’s a classmate/peer), the mistake is quickly fixed and typically […]

Staying Connected, Tweet Tweet

RE5533 (or should I say #RE5533?) has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities in the classroom. Our class discussion board conversing with classmates has allowed me to learn about experiences that other teachers have had. Talking with other teachers about their technology endeavors is a way to gather resources and ideas…What works and […]

Professional Website Reflection

My Professional Website I was a bit lucky—I already had a professional website that I created two years ago on a system my school system supports called SchoolWorld.  I am not CRAZY about the program, but it’s generally user-friendly and I haven’t had any complaints from parents.  I decided to better my current website as […]

Online Reading – Internet Workshops

Internet Workshops Internet workshops are the best thing since sliced bread (in my opinion).  When Dr. Frye first introduced them to my class last year, I thought I’d never see a kindergartener complete one accurately.  I loved the idea of the internet workshop and thought it would be a great way for students to research […]

Readings for the week…

I am so excited to have the opportunity to JUST WRITE today! I really want to discuss my emotional connection with each of these books – the three of these books (Wonderstruck and Freedom Summer, especially) have opened my eyes and inspired me.  It’s amazing how much you can learn through STORIES! Wonderstruck Who couldn’t […]

Let’s Hold Hands!

iPoem Template Let’s hold hands Parent Letter_ we need materials Internet Workshop!