Double Entry Diary

August 25, 2012

Talking, Drawing, Writing

Horn & Giacobbe (2007)

“…when children have a chance to talk their stories through first, they have a better sense of what they want to put on paper.” (p. 2)

This quote was very powerful for me as came to realization that I need to be spending more time in STUDENT discussion prior to writing. Whereas I model and elaborately explain MY stories, I share very little of that time for students to express their ideas. In the past my students had the opportunity to “talk through their stories” during drafting, conferring, and sharing, but not enough during rehearsing. This quote has encouraged me to allow more time for students to discuss their thoughts and ideas PRIOR to beginning their writing. I believe this opportunity will allow for more motivations and creativity in their writing.

“…we have been reminded that drawing is not rehearsal for writing: drawing is writing.” (p. 3)

This quote is especially relevant to me as I am a kindergarten teacher. I believe that drawing and writing go “hand-in-hand” for my kindergarteners. Whereas a five year old may not be able to provide much detail through their words and sentax, their pictures have the ability to express a wide range of emotion and experience.

“Human beings are natural story tellers.” Peter Johns says. “We constantly tell stories about ourselves to others and to ourselves, and the stories shape who we think we are. In a random aisle in a grocery store, in the faculty room at school, on a porch where we gathered with friends, stories abound.” (p. 10)

I love this quote! I like to tell stories, my students (REALLY) like to tell stories, who doesn’t like to share stories with those around us? I am excited to learn how to appropriately utilize the writing workshop in way that makes me students feel comfortable in sharing their experiences with their classmates and myself. I want my students to forget that writing is “just another subject” but a time to reflect and share creatively, instead.

About the Authors

Katie Wood Ray and Lisa Cleaveland

“No matter what, just let them write every day. Even if you’re not sure what to teach, just let them write. They’ll do fine.” (introduction, ix)

As a brand new teacher last year, I had NO IDEA how to teach writing in kindergarten.  I had my student teaching in a fourth grade classroom, and scribble lines and stick people were way out of my comfort zone.  My mother, a first grade teacher in Forsyth County told me just to make sure they are writing each day.  Through lots of reading/researching and talking with other kindergarten teachers I developed a writing workshop and feel as though my students were successful writers by the end of the year.  This quote particularly stood out to me because it was so similar to what my mother told me…somehow, it worked!

“Thinking of themselves as people who make books is the starting point for students learning to read like writers, the most important habit of mind for writing they will develop all year.” (p. 14)

All of my friends and colleagues who have taken this writing course have developed a passion for facilitating students’ success in reading and writing.  They are now able to see how the two correlate and benefit from one another.  After taking Dr. Schlagal’s courses last year, I feel very confident in my reading instruction.  I cannot wait to feel that confidence in my writing instruction as well after taking this class.  Knowing that writing and reading link together to create strong readers and writers is very exciting to me and this quote validated all that I have to look forward to.


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