Internet Workshop

Today we finally conducted our internet workshop. It went great!
First thing this morning, we came up with questions. I made sure to incorporate my (premeditated) questions in addition to a few of theirs…
During my planning time I posted the questions to my teacher site and made a quick handout for my little ones to take notes on.
I decided to post my internet workshop on my teacher site. My kids are very familiar with Yadkin County’s sites to locate AR links and teacher sites to locate links to educational website.
Before setting my little ones free in their internet workshops I modeled my expectations.
From my laptop (hooked to the smartboard) I modeled exactly how to get to my teacher site (for those who were unsure). I also showed them where I had added the new “internet workshop” page.
I then explained that they would be researching the sites I had linked to find information on Hermit Crabs. I made sure they understood what credible information consisted of…Although they may already know the answer to the questions we created; I wanted them to look them up to clarify. I also explained that NOTHING should be misspelled as they were presented with text on the computers.
I then showed them the handout where they would post their research/answers to the questions. I modeled how I would go about doing this. I read the question (on my handout), located the answer on the first site, and recorded the answer on the handout. I asked the how I knew how to spell “Pacific Coast,” they said “because the word is right in front of you!” (NO MISSPELLING!) I modeled one or more two more research findings, then went over how to locate the internet workshop/links one more time to make sure we were all ready to work independently.
Finally, we handed out laptops and “Internet Workshop Notes” handouts to each student and they went straight to work (the students are already very familiar with the laptops (NetBooks/C.O.W. [computer on wheels] as they have been in my room for three weeks!   I am hogging them for AR and Waterford!
I was pleasantly surprised how the majority of my students worked independently and needed little assistance. The majority of the questions could be found on the first website that’s linked on my website. There were a couple questions that could only be found on one of the other posted links…for these questions, some of the students needed help locating the source, which I was happy to help with.
I really enjoyed the internet workshop and look forward to using it again when my little ones research their own sea creatures for their personal nonfiction books.
(p.s. my principal walked in during our internet workshop and was SOOO impressed with the research and notes the KINDERGARTENERS were producing)














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