Please excuse my lack of sentence structure. I hate listening to myself talk! I was so nervous for some reason?!?! I had to add the audio to a powerpoint in order to have it uploaded to my blog Audio – phone interview with duncan Advertisements

Connections: POETRY, ART, DREAMS, IMAGNINATION, INSPIRATION, TRIUPH, BRAVERY, WONDER, DARE TO DREAM, BELIEVE, NATURE, WANDER, DAYDREAM, OBSERVE!!!!!! The Dreamer I felt that all three of these books were quite inspiring. In The Dreamer Neftali is able to closely observes all that life has to offer. I think this is a very interesting trait, especially considering […]

Student-“Friendly” Class Powerpoint Duncan Tonatiuh_authorillustratorstudy_studentversion Adv. Studies in Children’s Lit Class Powerpoint: Duncan Tonatiuh_authorillustratorstudy Literary Critique lirary ciritique_Duncan Tonatiuh Book Review Assignment Book Review Assignment The link above will take you to my Animoto that I created about my “pretty, pretty princess, Gabby.” It’s a bit “cheesy,” but I really enjoyed creating it! I have heard a lot about Animoto and have seen a few videos that my coworkers have created, but this was my first experience with the […]

Jackie_Robinson HOW COOL IS BIOCUBE?!?!?!? Ahhh I just love it! I am putting this website on my “list of things to do next year…” This was a very simple process that my class and I could collaboratively create after reading a picture book-biography, or they could create one with a partner, or even independently on […]

After reading Ciardiello’s article, my mind was turning.  He has made all of the work and research we’ve conducted even more credible.  Every teacher need to read this article to make our young learners more than just young learner…we can make them young heroes.  Young heroes will eventually become responsible, well-informed, active citizens.  They will […]

Axtell, D. (1999). We’re going on a Lion Hunt. New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company. David Axtell retells Michael Rosen’s original, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” (1989) with a cultural twist.   Both books are about a small group of individuals fearlessly hunting (or looking) for something unknown.  The books differ however, when looking […]